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Customer satisfication is a primary part of our mission in helping people live healthier lives. Read the testimonials of customers and medical professionals.

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I could barely make it two minutes without having to clear my throat. Then we installed an air purifier from Healthy Indoor Air and that annoying habit disappeared! My doctor tells me I had an allergy to something in the air that tickled my throat. Now that our air is being cleaned, I barely clear my throat at all! Thank you!

Minneapolis, MN

The HealthWay air purifier reduced the particulates in my office by 90%. It has eliminated pathogens and bio aerosols 98% to 100%. My clients with asthma and allergies now use HealthWay in their homes. They’re getting a better night’s sleep and ultimately a healthier life. Healthy Indoor Air, LLC are responsive and professional.

Michael E. Novak, D.C.

I work in an office with two large color copiers that put unwelcome smells in to the air. We recently put one of your air purifiers in the room and the smells have disappeared. The cleaner air is more comfortable and is immediately noticeable to other employees who frequently come in to my work area. I am pleasantly surprised at how well your machine removes odors! Thank you.

Sue Rogers, Seminar Coordinator, Nutrition Dynamics
Maple Plain, MN

I installed my BreatheCLEAN system and immediately noticed a difference. I can’t remember ever waking up without congestion. I haven’t been this excited about a product for at least 10 years. Every home should have a BreatheCLEAN.

Chris L.
Bloomington, MN

We love our air purifier so much that we bought a second one!

Minneapolis, MN

I am pleasantly surprised at how well your machine removes odors! Thank you.

S. Rogers
Maple Plain, MN

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