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The experts at Healthy Indoor Air can help improve your air quality with a Class II medical air purifiers designed for your home or place of business. 

The air in your home or office could be disrupting everyone’s health and comfort. By cleaning the air you breathe, you can improve everyone’s quality of life. 

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Air Purifiers

Portable air purifiers can be an excellent method of cleaning the air and creating a healthier environment in your home, office, daycare and school.


As air passes by the two powerful 36 watt ultraviolet bulbs, ultraviolet energy literally destroys almost all disease-causing organisms in the air.

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Improve Your Health & Comfort

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Improve Your Family's Health

The air in your home could be disrupting your family’s health and comfort. Molds, viruses, bacteria, microscopic dust, odors and gasses can cause headaches, irritated eyes, congestion, allergy, and asthma symptoms, scratchy throat, and illness. By cleaning the air you breathe, you can improve your family’s health and quality of life.

Improve Air Quality at Office, School, or Daycare

We sell specialized air purifiers that can improve your environment, can reduce sick days, and keep your employees and students breatheing clean air. Our products are completely different from any you will find in retail stores because they are Class II medical devices. All of our products are of the highest quality and are backed with strong warranties.

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Talk to an Expert to Find a Specific Solution for You

We consult closely with you to provide the solution that best fits your needs. When applicable, we offer highly specific air quality testing to provide you with details about what is in your air: airborne chemicals, mold, residual tobacco smoke, and the dust you can’t see.

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Healthy Indoor Air, LLC BBB Business Review

Our entire staff stays healthier and is more comfortable since we purchased our air purifier for the office. Thank you!

Angela Ross, DMD
St. Louis Park, MN

I have been waiting years to find something that will kill the pathogens, filter the air and with minimal cost to maintain.

Dr. L. J. Lein

After using the BreatheCLEAN, I no longer have that cough or any asthma symptoms! I strongly recommend this! I am a true believer in your product. Thanks!

Michael A.

I highly recommend the use of a BreatheCLEAN system in your home. UV light is the best way to kill harmful bacteria, mold, and viruses that are in the air in our homes.

Lindsay A., Biochemist
St. Paul, MN

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